'As the human race rushes forward making all sorts of advancements, particularly in technology, it seems we have forgotten how to go back to the roots of who we are, how we work and why we do what we do. 


As we speed ahead our lives have gotten busier. Our free disappears, while our anxiety increases.  

Packed with information, anecdotes, and exercises in each chapter to help apply the information to your own personal journey, The Tiny Life Guru is the perfect beginners guide or refresher into some of the ways we work, for example where our beliefs come from, how to find the things we need to fill our emotional cups, how we communicate with others and vice versa, some of the reasons we can get so pissed off and how we can start moving towards finding our purpose.'

Author: Zareen Sheikh-Cope, Illustrator: Niamh Anne Sheikh Byrne

Published October 2019 by Burnt Out with Batwings Limited

85 pages.

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With four children between us in our blended family, my husband and I started researching the pros and cons of children having hand-held devices.  This research led us to some shocking discoveries, in particular  around children's exposure to online pornography.

We discovered that children from all walks of life and from very young ages, are accessing free, violent, degrading genres of porn either by accident, through curiosity or by being shown it by other children.  At home, at school, during playdates, and in other places with access to free WiFi.  And this this exposure is causing a multitude of issues for different age groups.

We also found a massive gap in parents knowledge about the ease and frequency at which porn is being accessed, the actual issues being experienced and what to do to keep their children safer.

Whilst we are not anti-porn, religious or political, we could clearly see the damage being caused to children, so we decided to research more, travel New Zealand, Australia and the USA spending time with and interviewing experts, professionals, organisations and communities.  We decided to make a documentary to help close the gap.  This book is the story of our journey and what we learned along the way.

Author: Zareen Sheikh-Cope

Due to be published by Burnt Out With Batwings Limited in May 2020.

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Probably the most common question I've ever heard from friends and loved ones, including myself, about women who stay in abusive relationships is "why?".

'She Stayed Because' is a culmination of my research in a bid to try and find out some of these reasons.  To be able to help loved ones, in particular the children, to understand what might have been or is going on for that person.  This book is also to help women currently in abusive relationships understand what might be holding them where they are.

I am currently working on this research and welcome connections from anyone with either firsthand experience in this topic and from professionals who work in this field.  


If you are interested in contributing to my research, please contact me via email in the first instance.  

Author: Zareen Sheikh-Cope

Due to be published by Burnt Out With Batwings Limited early to mid 2020.


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