About Zareen

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Like most women out there, Zareen wears many different hats. 


She is a mother, wife, step-mother, friend, hug-giver, dog lover, psychology enthusiast, museum junkie, travel lover, author, speaker, short film and documentary maker.


Zareen has extensive experience educating on the importance of emotional resilience, as a guest speaker at events, through hosting workshops, working one to one with clients, and more recently as guest on podcasts.


In addition to years of research, she holds a qualification in trauma management, is currently undertaking a degree in psychology and is a qualified life coach.  Zareen has also worked with a diverse range of people, including some of the wealthiest people in the world, Department of Corrections psychologists, litigation lawyers, terminally ill patients, addicts, an Online Child Exploitation Police Team, Child Trafficking Prevention Organisations and various other experts worldwide working in the online safety field.


Late in 2018, she turned a large portion of her attention to an issue she describes as the “biggest un-had conversation of our time”, and decided with her husband, to make a documentary on this subject.  ‘Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators & How to Keep Them Safe’, released in 2020 on Vimeo On Demand is the story of their journey as they researched and travelled, talking to and filming experts and communities, to uncover how easily kids being exposed to violent genres of online pornography and predators. The film also provides parents and caregivers with practical solutions to implement that will help keep their children safer online.

Zareen has also created a resource website, online seminar and educational talk all aimed at educating and helping parents nagvigate this topic, Our Kids Online. Zareen and Rob were selected as finalists for the Mayoral Award at the 2019 Wellington Business Excellence Awards for their work on this topic.


As well as blog posts, Zareen has also written articles for Teachers Matter Magazine. Her first book, ‘The Tiny Life Guru’ the first in a series of books exploring and educating on different aspects of the human condition and resilience, was released in October 2019.   In 2020 she started travelling New Zealand educating parentings on how to keep their kids safer online.

Working with honesty, challenging the negative, a lot of humour and touching on those taboo subjects in a safe environment are some key ingredients implemented in all areas of Zareen's work.