It's Going To Feel Squishy At Some Point...

I’m after hurting my shoulder and neck this morning.  After my last blog, you’d be forgiven for asking “what’s she done now, the clumsy cow?” ;)

But this is not one of those many moments; like the time I got concussion while picking up cotton buds off the bathroom floor.

No, this one was because I turned over in bed.  I literally turned from side position on to my back and somehow managed to bugger my shoulder and up into my neck.

I internally and most probably outwardly smile-winced.  And yes, while this may seem like an odd reaction to the layman, adding in a smile, let me tell you why.

It reminded me of Rob the other night.  He was standing up and randomly stated “I’m getting old man legs”.  WFT?  What on earth are old man legs?  I smiled then too.  We’ve gotten to that stage in life where we tell each other things we notice in ourselves about the ageing process.  And thankfully laugh most of it off.  It’s easier when you’re both losing elasticity and greying etc. at the same time.

We don’t actually consider ourselves old in the grand scheme of life, in fact, quite the opposite.  We have many plans together for the next 40, or so, years that include travelling, doing the work we love so that we don’t have to retire, and so on.  

But we are in our forties.  And changes do happen, regardless of how many chia seeds we consume or vegetable juices we drink!  

I recently attended a Workshop at Body of Work in Lower Hutt.  (Plug Alison Sullivan, if you don’t know about her wellness hub, you need to be googling “Body of Work”.  After you read the rest of this blog of course!).

Anyway, I the workshop was presented by an amazing physio. To both my horror and satisfaction of morbid curiosity, I learned a few really interesting things about the human body and the ageing process that I did not know before.  About ligaments, bones, discs and the effects of ageing.  

A while back I wrote about my face being on camera and touched on the topic of body image and the ageing process.  I want to talk a little more about it here.  Because I simply cannot get the message across enough.  The impacts that negative body image have on women (and I am sure many men) can be devastating.

I want to age as gracefully, and with as much cool awesomeness, as Helen Mirren.  I’ve said this before.  I have a girl crush on the woman and I am not ashamed to admit it.  I know Rob thinks it’s great she’s one of my idols, because for me, one of the best pieces of advice I ever read from her was in relation to setting the morning alarm a little bit earlier daily to make time for morning sex.  (Okay I’m not sure it was actually advice or a fact she stated, but I took it as advice!).

And ladies, I absolutely highly recommend this. 


No, not just because of the sex factor or the fact that starting your day with that level of connection to your other half is good for your soul and relationship, but because our bodies constantly change and we should be kinder to ourselves, enjoy them and laugh at them on occasion.  Sex is not all serious and huffing and puffing, it should also be loving and come on…funny!  Sometimes sex is funny too.  Fallen off the bed? Weird body noises?  Random positions that just don’t work…and the list goes on!  We are getting older and our bodies get weird!

There are so many beautiful women out there who don’t feel beautiful due to their beliefs (no doubt shaped by societal pressures to name but one) around their body shape and/or size.  Now I’m not saying you should do the whole “I love me” “My body is perfect” 100% of the time. But, if you are one of those women who feels shitty about their bodies more than you feel good about it, here is what I have learned over the years.  I hope it helps xx…

No matter who we are, our body shape is fluid.  It just simply won’t stay one size or shape forever.  Age, hormones, babies, accidents, holidays are just a few fluctuation-causing factors that we all face.  

That’s not to say you shouldn’t work to do something to change your body if you want to improve.  And of course, be active and make as many healthy choices as you can for the sake of your longevity and mental wellbeing.

Find a range in your body size where you feel comfortable rather than a specific number. Specific number goals to be adhered to every single day suck…because like I said before, body shape is fluid! 

First of all, enjoy your body for the most part.  Sure, have some days where you just feel like a pig in lipstick, and you realise that what once was tight and/or perky is now all squishy.  

But for the most part, enjoy it because bodies are pretty amazing and fascinating things. There are more ways to make your body feel good than just looking in the mirror in a pretty dress.  Embrace what you have more than you sit in your pigsty and start making change, in healthy way, to what you can’t tolerate.  And of course, always listen to Helen Mirren!!

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